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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday Morning Footie (IV) - After the Lord Mayor's Show

Rainham 84 auditioning for their roles in the latest series of Glee....
After the outstanding effort made last week, this morning was always in danger of falling into the trap of becoming the let down of After the Lord Mayor's Show. The morning had been cold, but the sun was trying it's best to come out and give a bit of warmth to the hardy souls on the touchline. Pitch conditions could not be better, slightly firm but taking a stud and quite slick.

Roles had been reversed from last week, the opponents had only ten men. However no one told the lads, in case they switched off and thought they had the game won before they had kicked a ball. It was hard enough to stop them thinking it was easy, because we were back to the normal eleven.

Rainham 84 focused on the job in hand and move into gear right from the get go. Instead of being hungover from last weeks efforts, they carried right on from where they left off. Good passing, backed up by strong challenges and quick thinking, was rewarded by rapping the opponents crossbar with a fierce drive. It was only a matter of time.

By holding their shape well and clever individual moves, Rainham 84 ended with a rasping finish that was worthy of a place on Soccer AM. Take a bow son, take a bow. (Well that is what Andy Gray would have said if he had not been sacked!) One Nil to the boys in red.

Rainham moved up through the gears once again and were rewarded by a tidy long range effort from our holding midfielder. Along with the rest of the lads, his positional awareness paid the dividends it deserved and Rainham looked comfortable at 2-0.

The second half showed a real improvement from the opposition. They had obviously been given a real talking to at half time and on another day, with perhaps a full compliment of players, they would have proved a stern test of our resolve. But despite their best efforts, they rarely troubled our stalwart defence and our Keeper did well to keep himself warm throughout the 60 minutes.

Now the main reason for this blog is so that Harvey's far flung relatives can get an update on his and his teammates progress. I try not to single him out too much, because I do not want it to go to his head and I guess other parents might read this too. Plus with the kind mention for the blog in the newsletter this week, it is more than certain that this does get a wider audience than just the Mackay Clan. However praise should be given where praise is due. Harvey has been placed in a position this season he really did not like but, along with his coach, I have been telling him he is quite good at it.

Today, as his MOTM trophy proves, he is doing more than just stopping the opposition. I can only think of once where he actually just hoofed it clear today. In fact there was one pass that I think went unnoticed by the crowd on the far side, but I got a great view from the other side of the pitch.With the outside of his right boot, he bent an inch perfect ball into the path of our tireless left winger that was worthy of a far higher stage than a humble Sunday morning contest.

With minutes left on the clock, he took the ball out of defence, beat three or four of their lads and unselfishly laid it off to his team mate. There was a big part of me thinking, head down son, go on yersell!!! Seeing as I was running the line, I suppose actually shouting this was perhaps not in the spirit of sportsmanship. I really must keep it shut, but it is so hard! One very proud Dad indeed.

Harvey's Nanny and Grandad had made the 200 mile round trip to see him this morning. They could see the improvement that the lads have made under the guidance of Martin and his assistants. Dad had been working yesterday as a scout for Swansea FC. So you could argue that the lads were being watched by a Championship Scout. For him to see the improvements the lads had made, well that is praise indeed.

Harvey was rewarded for a mature and steady performance at the heart of defence. Good job, well done Son.

But most important of all, do you know one of the best things to see today? The smiles on the faces of the lads after a job well done. Something that is helped by winning of course. It is a good habit and one I hope the boys get addicted to for years to come.


  1. I know I shouldn't say this but I am so proud of my son and grandson. My son for his wonderful artistic writing and my grandson for his enjoyment and progress in the game that has dominated my family for as long as I can remember. I wouldn't have it any other way.

  2. Some one once said, 'Football appears to matter more to you than either life or death. Come on, don't be so silly. It matters far more than that!!!' There is a Directors wife at Dunfermline FC from 1980 that knows this to be true. She had the cheek to tell me not to worry after being beaten one nil, 'it is only a game'. I can not type the response I gave on a family site.