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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Feeding Kids and Ducks

Last day of the year, so we all decided to go for a lunch out to save our overused kitchen from further abuse. The trick here in Kent is to get out early, especially when half the population will probably have the same idea as us. We headed for a place near Maidstone, Kent called the Malta Inn. It is a Beefeater, so you know what you are getting before you arrive.

We arrived to find the carpark almost deserted, apart from a few cars, the 11.45 arrival obviously did the trick. The only other worry was the wee chef that arrived, in minging whites. He parked in the Disabled Space, spat out his fag and trundled off to the kitchen. Nice. Maybe we might get more than we thought from this establishment after all. 

The place is a lovely open spaced restaurant/pub, right on the river bank and in summer is a great place for a Sunday afternoon out. In winter it is still popular as the view of the river is very relaxing, watching the boat traffic head up and down.

Dad, this is not going on your blog is it?

Louise was really excited about the crayons and colouring book, they still hold an attraction for Mathilda, as for Harvey, I think he is getting a bit too old for the things.

The food was good, the restaurant soon filled up, so we were glad we got there in good time. The couple behind Alice were hilarious. "Last time we were here the food was cold, so could you make sure it is warm this time" Now first of all, if I have a bad meal at a place and have had to complain, I rarely go back. Secondly, when the food arrived, you guessed it, it was cold and the chap had to send it back. Oops.

Now I have to say, we could not fault the place. The service was great, the river view superb and the food just fine. No complaints from the Mackays. Unlike the complainers behind Alice. I do not know why some people bother. I was waiting for them to get their video out, serial complainers!!!

Best bit of all, Alice had the sense to keep her bread from her starter to feed the ducks. Made Louise's day, although if she had actually hit a duck with the first lump she threw, she might have actually sunk the poor thing.

More bread please....

All in all, a great way to spend the last day of 2010. Here is to many more days out feeding the clan.

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