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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Mixing Business with Pleasure

As most of you who know me, my job takes me to the North West from Kent almost every week. Normally this involves either a very very early start and an incredibly late late finish (did you know the Dartford crossing is free after ten pm!), or some Travelodge doing what Travelodge do well. Cheap and cheap.

However this time it could be different. Mum and Dad live en route and Alice does not start her new job until Monday. So if we set off late Thursday, we could stop over and I could get up at a more civilised hour from theirs, to my day packed with meetings from St Helens to Manchester.

Oh and then there is the small matter of Louise being able to run the legs off of Nanny and Grandad!

I love my pony tails Mummy!
 To say my day went well is an understatement. I made all my appointments in good time, just a bit late for the last one and even for a Friday, traffic was kind. However my day appears not to be half the fun that the rest of the guys had back at Nanny and Grandad's. Louise has a whole new bag of stickers and a magazine to boot. Alice had her last little break from the norm and chance to relax, before the beginning of her new job next Monday. Louise even tried out a new hairstyle, that she seems most pleased with.

However from now on, these trips will have to be planned with military precision. I supposed being married to an Ex Wren, that will be no problem what so ever!!!

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