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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Mote Park Fun

It is windy here in Kent, not a lot to do, but with the Scottish blood in the kids, let's go to the park!!!

Any second now, weeeeeeeee!
Louise was feeling under the weather, but she just wanted to slide one more time!!!!

Honest Dad, there is no string attached!

Harvey kept himself warm, by trying to prove that Centre Backs do have some skill. His ball skills would make even Colin Hendry blush.

Who is that skinny woman scaring me! lol!

Mathilda still loves climbing high and jumping around, she has no fear! But Louise was not feeling too good today, so it all got cut short. Harvey wanted to focus on tomorrow's game so Mathilda and Dad had a good chance to have a Daddy and Daughter meal out.

Dad, we can not eat all this!!!
It was lovely being able to take my eldest daughter out for dinner, I am sure any Dads out there with daughters know what I mean. They took ages to serve us for our desert,  but Mathilda just sat, quietly and without complaint. She did enjoy it when it came though! It was just a lovely evening. It is so much fun taking Mathilda out for dinner, she is such good company. Here is to lots more Daddy and Daughter days out.

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