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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Six Months is Far too long!!!

I am really sorry for those of you who have checked out this Blog in the past few months to see how Rainham 84 have done, or indeed what we as a family have been up to and seen nothing.

As I explained to my Uncle this afternoon, work just got in the way!!! Apologies! It has not been updated. But today it will be and for very good reason.

My lovely cousin has come over the pond to say hello to her folks and the timing could not have been better. Not only is it a weekend with my two lovely wee ones, but there were no football matches to be watched, no horses to be ridden and ballet for Louise was early doors.

So off to Essex we trotted.

The outcome was better than we could have hoped for. We knew we were going to have to ask for directions when we got close, but to hear Auntie Jean on loudspeaker sounding just like Nanny Pat, sent Louise into total confusion!!! Well Louise just could not wait to get to their house. Then having Uncle Archie come down the stairs to meet and greet us, Louise could not believe Grandad Donald had a younger brother. So confusing for her, bless.

It is never a great afternoon for young ones to have to sit and listen to their relatives talk about the past and days of old. But to be fair, Harvey and Mathilda sat and drank in the fact that they were meeting genuine friends and family, who we really should see more of. For no other reason than we all have the most stupid sense of humour running through our veins thanks to a certain Grandpa Perth.

Well once Uncle Archie got the Lego out, Louise was away. Suddenly the Essex lodgings belonged to our wee three year old.

Seeing Helen and Linda after so much time was just superb. The fact we have not met up for over a decade and yet just clicked together like it had been yesterday, speaks volumes for family ties.

I hope my fire works that I set off tonight shone bright in Essex for Archie, Jean and Linda to see from Kent. If the fireworks did not get that far, I hope they know the warm feeling from meeting close family will glow for an awful long long time!!!

Two started out as Mackays, only one remains!!!
Well better head off to bed now, Rainham 84 have a game tomorrow at 10.00am and I better had report back on it, good or bad!

What a great day.

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