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Monday, 7 February 2011

Sunday Morning Footie (V) - Playing away from home....

Windy day in Kent, was always going to cause problems.
Correct kit, check, boots, check, drink bottle, check, breakfast, check, water proof jacket, check, directions, check, so head in the right place to win today, check. Man of the Match Trophy, erm Dad have you got it.... eh no. 25 mile round trip to get it before kick off, check.

So your dedicated reporter missed what went on in the warm up, but what ever it was it carried itself onto the pitch. The game started off ok, Rainham 84 had all the skills and ability. Bottom of the table opponents, surely this was a walk in the park? However Cobham forgot to read the script. With their first meaningful attack, they carved 84 open and the boys were 1-0 down.

No panic, despite our lack of effort, the better passing and directness of Rainham saw them up 2-1 and cruising into the second half.

Then our boy Harvey decided to write himself into this weekend's musings. A long punt from Cobham looked for all the world to be going no where. Harvey decided to shepherd it out, only to be undone by the hard graft of Cobham. 2-2 and into half time. No words were exchanged between Father and Son at half time, he knew it was a mess, I needed to say nothing.

Stalemate followed and it looked for all the possession that Rainham had, they were going to let three points just slip away. Oh no. Harvey had other ideas. Hurting from his error in the first half, he still did not let his head drop. He pulled his socks up, got on with the job in hand, and trundled up for a corner.

An excellent delivery from the corner was met bravely by the Captain and was placed far enough away from the Keeper to make it 3-2. The relief from the crowd was measurable and the smile on Harvey's face was wide. There is nothing quite like seeing your boy score a goal, especially with his head. Nice one son!

The belief and effort then seemed to flood back into the boys. Cobham were done for and the last 15 minutes were all Rainham. 4-2 and then 5-2 followed.

On paper, a great away win for the lads. But we all knew differently at the end. We got out of jail. They say, if you play badly and still win, you are doing something right. We did that today, because as a unit, playing together and working together, Rainham are a match for any team in Kent. But when they let their high standards drop, it can all fall apart. As the Gaffer said at the end, it could have gone either way at 2-2.

I know some might say, it is 'only' Sunday morning footie. But when these lads get it right, it is better than anything I pay those scam merchants at Sky to watch each month. It means something to see them smile and also to see them win. When the effort dips and it looks like a result is heading the wrong way, it actually hurts. Because of the effort and work put in on those freezing cold and windy nights at training, the result came our way today, even if they were playing on auto pilot.

Next time Rainham 84 play away from home, they have to be more switched on for sure, or they will get caught out. Onwards and upwards!

The Gaffer rallying the boys.

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