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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Losing your wife and gaining a stunner!!!

Mummy, this ship is sinking!!!!
Living down here in Kent, near the Medway, we all get used to being near water and rivers. There is always a possibility that one day, poler ice caps may melt and we will all be flooded. Realistically never in our or our grand kids lifetime will this happen, but with our impending move to St Mary's Island, it comes back into my mind.

Much as I love our wee abode near Priestfields, my wife reminds me that whilst we can not sell our property in Orpington and we are still faced with renting, a move might be wise to ease the cost of rental.

So off we go again, the pleasures of having post redirected and notifying all and sundry of our move will take place. I hasten to add at this point, my beloved takes care of all of this in a heartbeat and I am left to get on with work. BFGW has nothing on us.

Today marks the second year of our marriage. Along with my birthday last year, any proper celebration has been scuppered thanks to our wonderful wee daughter and the germs she inherits from nursery. Chicken pox we reckon this time.

So tonight, with my gorgeous wife tucked up in bed with Whisky, Honey and Lemon (the actual products and not some Lesbian fantasy formed in the minds of you more perverse reading this) I am left to muse the passing of two eventful years with Alice.

All I can think about is what we have lost together. 8 stone to be precise! A whole person!

I would have been happy if nothing had changed. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Alice will know what a lucky chap I truly am.

But change has happened for the both of us and two years on, we are different looking people.

Can we go and have lunch and show my new hairdo off now, please!!!!!

I can not believe I am married to the same lassie that I wed on our lovely day two years ago in Gretna, all her hard work to get in shape has really paid off. Honestly, I have vetted all our milkmen and window cleaners just to be sure!!!

Because of circumstance, many close friends and family were not around on the day itself. But everyone who felt they missed out, was in our hearts that day. The champagne secretly sent was certainly in our belly's!

I am a lucky chap, I truly am blessed with three amazing children and a stunning wife.

 And her looks, they are just a bonus.

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