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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Bedtime Happiness!!!

Having just discovered this world of blogging, I now understand what a useful tool it can be. You see I struggle to remember bedtimes with my two oldest, it seems so long ago now tucking them into bed and reading a made up story by Daddy. However now that I blog, I can note dates, times and best of all pictures!!!

With Alice off out for a well deserved night at the movies with her best friend Nikki, Daddy has been left with the task of inventing yet another Bun Bun the Middle One story for wee Louise. Thankfully her big sister Mathilda is good at the teeth cleaning thing, so one less job on the list. Minnie Mouse PJs were the requested garments of the day. Milk now dispatched safely down the wee red brae, Bun Bun's adventures were just enough to send wee Louise into the land of nod.

Now I just have to rediscover my living room and kitchen. Is there such a thing as a Domestic God?

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